December Dinner Menu

Day 21:  I am thankful for the respect, affirmation, and encouragement Will gives me with menu planning.  Just the other day he gave me a big hug and all the credit for us living on a small grocery budget AND still eating well.  I don’t know if I deserve all the credit, but I am glad that my efforts don’t go unnoticed.

I think I say this every month, but it really does make all the difference.  Menu planning and buying whole chickens; those are my two not so secret weapons.

Tip for the Month:

Buy the whole chicken not chicken breasts. Whole chickens cost $5, can be cooked in the crockpot with no effort, and when you shred one of those babies it goes a LONG way.  Shredded chicken is so handy.  We use it instead of buying expensive, packaged lunch “meat.” We add it to salads to make a more balanced meal, and we add it to fried rice.  I use it to make chicken pot pies or chicken soup.  Toss it on some nachos or mix it into some pasta. The applications are completely limitless here people.

As I was planning next Month’s menu, I got really excited!  Really excited about going back to Kansas, about all the tasty holiday food, about Christmas lights and Christmas smells, and REALLY excited about the mystery date that Hubster put on the calendar!

I also noticed something else during my planning.  Our eating habits have changed SO much in the last year.  When we first got married we were cooking something different almost every night, and generally it involved a pan with a lot of grease and a heaping portion of meat.  Now, we eat smaller portions, eat less fried food, and we eat drastically less meat. Consequently we also chopped at least $100 dollars out of our spending every month as well.  Overall, I am very pleased with this road of healthier living that we are on.  

I think that most of what is on this menu will actually be made.  I have finally gotten it through my head that we only need to cook 2 maybe 3 meals to last us the whole week.  We waste significantly less food this way.

You will probably need to do some of your own footwork for the last two weeks because we are barely home.  Consequently, we are barely cooking.

Without further ado: December Menu


Click here for the Printable December Menu.

Click here for some very rough Weekly Ingredient Lists (sorry they aren’t very pretty).

Lastly, here are links for some of the recipes that we want to try:

I hope this was helpful!  I know it saves us so much time, money, and most importantly stress.  Let me know if you try anything, or any other thoughts that you might have!


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