Day 26: My Cell Phone is a Doer of the Word and not Just a Hearer

phoneYou may have seen my Facebook status yesterday, that I am thankful for Will and I’s new phones.  Today’s cause for gratitude goes hand in hand with yesterday’s.  After my anecdote I will give you a review of our thoughts on the phones so far.

Day 26: I am thankful that my phone has been baptized and received salvation

…I’ll stop there before I get to blasphemous.

Sunday afternoon Will and I purchased our shiny, new phones.  This has prompted a new sense of carefulness in my actions.  Nothing can happen to this phone yet.  But no matter how careful I am…. I am still Devra, the klutz.

Last night a couple of my friends came over to hangout while I was baking.  We were chatting, the rolls were rising, the snow was falling, and I was drinking hot tea.  Everything was peachy!  Until, my phone decided it was thirsty too.  I think I was trying to log into my google music app, and there it went.  Graceful as an Olympic diver, my less-than-36-hours-old phone took the plunge into my cup of tea.

I can’t blame it; I think that orange spice tea is the best too.

Immediately upon the dunking sound I shrieked and yanked it out of there.  My friends were yelling “Oh no! Rice! Put in Rice!  Do you have rice?!”  I did have rice, and fast as I could get the cover off my new, purple phone was submerged in a bowl of rice.

When Will came home later on, I immediately fessed up.  Told him how stupid and klutzy I was and how I have zero hope of every growing up.  He was very gracious.  Seriously.  He shook his head, hugged me, and calmly inspected the phone (which seemed to be unaffected).   That’s quite the gesture of love and grace considering that to fix something on the phone would have cost more than we paid for both phones combined.

The evening proceeded fine with the snow falling, us chatting, the rolls baking…. And then we went to plug our phones in for the night…. Mine wouldn’t charge.  I should have known it behaving normal was too good to be true.

Even still when the threat of the insurance deductible and the hassle of fixing the phone were real, Will was still great (and I was apologizing once a minute).  Will charged his phone, and woke up in the middle of the night to switch the batteries so that my battery would be charged too. In the mean time he had my phone propped up in front of the fan that he can’t sleep without.


So the sun rises, there’s no snow on the ground, and my phone is reassembled.  The moment of truth.  I plugged in the charger, and it worked!!!! Praise Jesus Hallelujah! I literally said prayers for my phone last night before going to sleep.  

My phone has been baptized in the waters of my hot tea and made new by the rushing wind of the “holy spirit” aka the fan. (You know you go to church when you make jokes about baptism and how the fan on your dresser is like the rushing wind of the Holy Spirit) I guess that makes my phone Christian and Will’s phone heathen.  BUT I don’t think we should test God by trying to baptizes Will’s phone in his cocoa.

Phone Review & Coupon Offer:

We are hard core Android cell phone users. I qualified that statement because we do love Paddy (our trusty ipad).   Previously I had the Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic Touch (yes…that’s a mouthful), and Will had the Galaxy S3.  Well now we both have the S4.  Will was really stuck between the HTC One and the S4, but for me, I couldn’t pass up the fact that the S4 comes in purple.

If anyone out there is shopping for a phone I would recommend the S4. First, between Will and I we have owned each of the previous generations and loved them.  Second, it’s crazy the extent you can customize your apps, displays, settings, and organization to, and that is something that we love!  It also comes preloaded with some really cool apps like Fliboard which is a customizable newsfeed, and a user-friendly exercise and food tracking app. Fourth,. I haven’t had the chance to mess around with the camera much yet, but from what I understand it is one of the best cell phone cameras out at the moment. The phone is fast, which is a big reason why I was upgrading since my old phone was super laggy due to its older hardware.

Yes, the phone is big, but still completely manageable for my small hands and still fits in my pockets.  It is sleeker than the S3, and somewhat has the look of an iPhone with the with the new addition of an aluminum band around the outside edge. If you want color the phone now comes in more than just black and white and there are a plethora of cases to choose from; very different from when I bought my S2.

Regardless of which phone you want and which provider you are with, Will and I have some $20 rebate coupons for Best Buy Mobile if you’re interested.


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