Happy Hour Friday – Mystery Date Night

Today is Happy Hour Friday!  And it’s a complete mystery!  I don’t know what Hubster is getting me to drink, but even more so…. He’s taking me on a mystery date!

He put it on the calendar 2 or 3 weeks ago, and told me to be sure that I didn’t schedule anything else for tonight.  Based on this Mystery Date, I have to say, I think he is really starting to figure out my personality.  I prefer Mystery to Surprise.

What I mean is that I would rather know for a few days that we are going on a mystery date, look forward to it, know it’s coming, and plan accordingly.  Versus go about my day like normal and have my evening game plan worked out already, have things ready for dinner, etc…  and then “SURPRISE!  Get in the car; all your plans are changing at this moment!”  Surprises have their place, they are romantic, and if you pick the right day to surprise me or your surprise is a random cookie or going out to grab some ice cream then no biggy, that’s wonderful!  But when it comes to actual dates, I respond much better to mystery rather than surprise.

Pictures from a few of our recent dates.... what will get added tonight?!

Pictures from a few of our recent dates…. what will get added tonight?!

Here are the clues I have gathered about tonight’s festivities:

  • There is not food involved
  • It is something that there is an actual start time for
  • It requires some sort of printed documentation
  • Will’s wearing a button down and jeans
  • I shouldn’t wear heels but any other footwear is acceptable
  • It’s here in town
  • I’m not positive, but I think he may have a Groupon for it.
  • We have to leave pretty quickly once I get home from work
  • And I think it’s lasting for several hours

Here are my guesses as to what we are doing:

  • Some sort of concert, play, comedian, or show (there are lots of those types of things this time of year)
  • Dance lessons (highly doubtful)
  • one of those make your own painting/pottery classes (we did this once before and it was fun)

Come back tonight to find out the answer to the mystery!


Mystery Date Night, sadly was postponed for a couple of nights due to winter weather.  So instead Will and  I went for a walk in the snow to go get some Mexican food.  We came home, layered on some blankets, and decided on a new show to tackle.  We finished Smallville a few weeks ago and needed something new to commit to.  We landed on Alias.  So that night we watched the first few episodes and drank marshmallows…. I mean hot chocolate.  But really, look at all those marshmallows:

Izzy Pup wants some too

Izzy Pup wants some too

Mystery Date Night Act 2 happened on Sunday evening when Will took me to see A Christmas Carol at UK!  They did a great job!  And so did Will =).  I enjoy going to plays.  I might even prefer to the movies.  So hubster gets two thumbs up for this date night!  especially for sticking with it.

mystery date night


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