2013 in Review

At first glance 2013 looks relatively unchanged from beginning to end. There were no moves, new additions, new cars, or new stamps on our passport. But when we started listing off all the adventures we had, we realized just how much our lives had changed.


Last year at this time we hardly had any friends, sat by ourselves at church, stayed home every night where we would cook a pricey and cholesterol loaded meal. This year God positioned us in a huge circle of some of the most joyful and Jesus-loving people in Lexington. We have places to be, people to see….people who we can make impact on and in turn be impacted by.

We also changed the way that we eat significantly. This New Year as we talk about goals for 2014 we don’t really have much to say in terms of being healthy. We made huge changes in the amount we eat, how much meat we eat, how much oil and butter we use, how many veggies we eat, and so on. I ran two half marathons, and Will started running! Oh we even started taking multivitamins.

We were able to travel and have more local adventures. We went on several beautiful hikes, had a little adventure exploring Louisville, went caving and hiking at Mammoth Cave,went camping, made it to Arizona to spend some time with Will’s grandpa before his passing and to see the Reds play the Diamondbacks. We were able to spend time in Florida with Will’s family and enjoy a very scenic drive to and from. Will had the chance to spend a weekend exploring DC with a couple of his best friends. I was able to spend Easter with my family and see my oldest friend get married. We were able to go to Nashville for a long weekend with family, celebrate the little sister starting high school, survive long work days after going to movie premiers, and so many other every day adventures sprinkled throughout our first full calendar year of marriage.

We found areas where we can serve, give of our time to God and the people around us. We had God shower down blessings of many forms on us from accidents that he kept minor to financial blessings. From good health to good community. From having our eyes opened to the need for the Gospel and social justice in our own community to being able to be a part of those things internationally in Ethiopia through our friend Kayla.


With the advent of 2014 comes a looming cloud of uncertainty, change, and the promise of God’s presence and provision. I have an inkling I will have much more to report at the close of next year, but for now, I want to remember and cherish the many moments that made up 2013. It has been a wonderful time of adjusting to marriage.

Ps… This is my first post from Minion, my new iPad mini that hubster gave me for Christmas!


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