Happy Hour Friday: 2014 in Preview

Two weeks ago I posted about 2013 in Review, and today I want to share 2014 in Preview.  With 2014 well under way I think that it is time to pause and reflect on some of the goal setting and day dreaming that we have been doing over the first couple weeks of this year.

This year is a unique year.  It is a moment with exceptional capacity for change.  We are at a crossroads; depending on the path we choose, the end of this year could look completely different from the beginning or it could be rather unchanged.  The road that brought us to this intersection – Will is finishing up graduate school over the next couple of months, which means we could get up and go anywhere, or we could stay where we are.

"limitless possibilities" - that's a phrase will and I like to use about life.  Walking towards that wide open horizon and walking toward one now, that's the perspective we have - limitless possibilities.

“limitless possibilities” – that’s a phrase will and I like to use about life. Walking towards that wide open horizon and walking toward one now, that’s the perspective we have – limitless possibilities.

While that sort of undefined horizon brings uncertainty to life, it is also a wide horizon – full of adventure.  That’s what I signed up for when I joined my life to Will’s.  I signed up for a life of adventure and someone to go through all the adventures of life with.

Right now imagining 2014 is like looking at an out of focus picture. But to sharpen the image a little more we have set goals.  We may not know where we will be or what the day to day will look like, but we know who we want to be.  That is more important.  Here are some goals we’ve set to help us define our direction:

  • We want to be more in love and more filled with joy at the end of the year than we were at the beginning.
  • We want to take a real vacation this year (last year we went on several 2-3 day trips, but no actual vacation).
  • We want to grow in the disciplines of prayer and Bible reading.  That those items of Christian life would become more integral to who we are.
  • I want to run in and finish my first ever full marathon, and for Will a half marathon. (Tune in tomorrow for more on this goal)
  • Go Camping with all of our new camping items from Christmas =)
  • For Will, finish the thesis and find a job.  For me, I want to gain more responsibility at work and be more involved in/more skilled at our marketing efforts.
  • To enjoy celebrating the marriages of several friends and remember how awesome and special our marriage is.
  • For me, finish my t-shirt quilt.  For Will, have an awesome garden!
  • Continue becoming healthier people.
  • I want to cook through a cookbook my sister-in-law gave me called “Deceptively Delicious” by Jerry Seinfeld’s wife.
  • In keeping with a goal we set for ourselves when we got married – Living Simply – we want to declutter by getting rid of 1 thing everyday.

Those are things that you can look forward to seeing on the blog this year.  If you aren’t signed up to be notified when there’s a new post then, by all means, put your email in the box on the right hand side of the page because we love including people in our adventures!  We all need encouragement and a good laugh sometimes, so please, be a part of us bringing this undefined, blurry picture into focus during 2014.

 What are some of your goals for 2014? Leave a comment so we can work on our goals together!



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