Saturday Sweat: Marathon and Half Marathon Training Plans

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that one of my goals for the year is to run a full marathon and Will is going to try a half marathon if his shins permit it.  With that in mind, I have to say that I am very grateful for the few days we had in the negatives and single digits last week.  Our pipes might have frozen, BUT it makes days in the 20’s like today seem much warmer.

I will post more about how I bundle up for the cold days next week;  this week I want to focus on the training plans that I put together for us.  I did a lot of looking around for plans.  These are very close to the ones that Hal Higdon has on his website, which I have used to train for races before and highly recommend. I know that my friend Holly at The Cooper Family recommends their plans as well.

Honestly most plans out there are pretty similar. You run, you cross train, you rest, and every week you run farther and farther.  But they do differ in intensity and technicality (ie: incorporating pace runs, hill repeats, etc).

If you are thinking of training to run a distance that you haven’t run before I highly recommend finding a plan that you like and adapting it to your schedule.  After all a goal without a plan is just a dream.

We’ll start with the less scary of the plans, Will’s.  I changed the plan to match up better with his schedule. It progresses slowly to help keep him from getting shin splints like he is prone to.

Running Schedule_Page_2

Now for my plan.  It’s also adapted to fit my schedule.  I had to speed it up a bit as I am a little behind due to the holidays and getting a head cold.  I included plenty of rest days to allow my body to repair.  I have learned the hard way that rest and cross-training are very important when training for a race.  The first race I trained for I just tried to go as far as I could every day…. that’s not good for you.  My knees started hurting and I had to let my body recuperate for about 3 weeks after the half-marathon. So make sure that you rest after pushing your body on those long days.  As you can see I put in a rest day before my long runs to help save my legs for them.

Running Schedule_Page_1

So far I am on target. Ran 8 miles today.  For the first few weeks I have an optional long run on Friday.  That run depends on how I am feeling and our schedule.  But it’s there as an option.  For this marathon, I am not training for pace, I am simply training for distance.  Pace will come later on; for now I just don’t want to push so hard that I end up setting myself back.

After my chilly 8 miles today I refueled with a little Peanut Butter Quesodilla.  I put sliced banana and some “Black Magic Peanut Butter” (from one of my favorite blogs Chocolate Covered Katie) in a tortilla.  If you’ve never put peanut butter on a tortilla… you don’t know what you are missing.


Come back next Saturday to find out how to stay warm while running in the winter!

What are your fitness goals for the year?


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