Saturday Sweat: Uping the Mileage

Man, this week didn’t feel like I was being all that productive on the marathon training front. Between busyness at work, family, friends, and weather I didn’t feel like I had fit that much in.

Then this weekend came with some of the most glorious weather! Last night I got in 6 miles after work, and today…. Today I went for a run in short sleeves!

It gets better…I ran 12 miles! Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon here I come! I know I know it seems ridiculous, but The Hubster challenged me.

Now looking back over the week I realized that it actually was pretty darn productive! Check out my MapMyRun workout summary for the week!


I love MapMyRun. Not just because it’s easy to use, tells me my time, my split times, calorie burn and so on, but it gives you an update on your time and distance every mile. My favorite thing about it though is the things it says. Like in that picture “set a goal. Kick butt. Repeat.” Lol. The best are the emails that show me “my greatness at a glance” and encourage me even when I only run four miles. Lol.

Here’s how I refueled from my run, peanut butter oatmeal with honey, cinnamon, and almond milk. So good!


The bad news…. I think I strained my left hamstring… Thanks for helping diagnose me Leesh! So keep my leg in your prayers.


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