Saturday Sweat: THE Bad News

I tried to post this last week, but Minion was having technical difficulties.  The reason that I haven’t posted a Saturday Sweat in a while is because I haven’t wanted to admit what I am about to tell you.

that last box on my water bottle is going to remain unchecked for a while longer...

that last box on my water bottle is going to remain unchecked for a while longer…

I will not be able to run in a marathon this spring.

Today is an ironic day to be posting this since my reason for not being marathon ready is the winter weather.  Today that is definitely not the case.  High 60’s, and I was able to hang the laundry outside to dry!  Today is definitely the exception to the rule that gives me hope for the spring.

today's grocery haul gives me hope for spring too, and for our garden!

today’s grocery haul gives me hope for spring too, and for our garden!

The weather has been so snowy this winter; in fact we’re supposed to get some more snow  tomorrow night… Hasn’t it been 6 weeks since that groundhog saw his shadow?! It’s not just the cold that is the problem, but the fact that the sidewalks have been covered with snow on average for half of every week. When the sidewalks are always covered it makes it pretty impossible to squeeze in enough runs.

Furthermore, attempting to squeeze in the miles was stressing me out. When exercise is a stress I no longer enjoy it. I don’t want to be stressed out by training for a marathon. I don’t want it to be a dread, a punishment. I want to enjoy the empowerment of steadily pulling more out of myself than I ever have before, rather than be worn out by the stress of it.

That being said, I still plan on slowly increasing my mileage. I don’t know where and when I will run a marathon, but when I find one – I’ll be ready. In fact today I made the most of the great weather by running 10 miles.  I honestly didn’t know I had ten in me!

Postponing the marathon is probably for the best. It allows me to gradually increase my mileage so that I don’t pull my bad hamstring… again, or get tendinitis in my ankle… again. Also, it gives me the ability to devote more days to strength training and resting.

I am a little disappointed, but I am not giving up on my goal.  I think the Lord sent me this snowy winter as a love note, so I won’t let a derailed marathon bum me out.  It will happen eventually.

In the mean time, I will keep posting Saturday Sweat blogs.  I do plan on increasing my mileage and enjoying the stress free pace by trying out different workouts…. maybe I will actually do some of the things on my pinterest board!  *gasp

Spring is upon us, so what goals are you all setting for yourselves?

As for me, I want to be up to 15 miles by my best friends’ wedding at the end of May.


One response to “Saturday Sweat: THE Bad News

  1. Devra, you rock!! This delay of your marathon goal is just a delay…..not a forever no. You are amazing, and I appreciate your inspiration, encouragement, and example in setting goals. Thanks! Blessings!!

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