Running for a Cause Update & Encouragement

Running to Raise $1000 for the Homeless Update & Encouragement

Last Saturday I announced that my friend Andrea and I will be running in the Kentucky Derby Festival Half Marathon on April 19th with the hopes of raising $1000 to help out the local Catholic Action Homeless Shelter.

We are training hard for race day.  I ran 14 miles the day I announced our fundraising goal and another 14 yesterday.  Physically I am ready for this race.  Fundraising wise, we have had a handful of pledges come in.  So if you are interested in giving please let us know how much you intend to give to help keep us motivated and to bring glory to God with how much He can do!


I want to share with you an encouraging testimony from a time that Andrea felt led to donate to a friend who was running for a cause.  Our heart is not to guilt anyone into contributing to our fundraising goal, or to bring glory to ourselves.  We just want to encourage everyone to live generously regardless of what you’re giving or giving to.  Generosity can be scary, but it can also be incredibly rewarding.  I hope that something in Andrea’s testimony encourages you and improves your Monday whether or not you donate to the Catholic Action Center.

Andrea and her husband just recently adopted a precious little boy from China. Here is her story – according to her it is just one of many of how God financed the adoption:

Back in October, Matt and I were waiting on what’s called the Referral Acceptance or the LSC (Letter Seeking Confirmation) from China. It is a major milestone in a Chinese adoption because it is the approval letter from the Chinese government for you to adopt your specific child. Once that is in hand, you get to file visa paperwork and buy your plane tickets. Our agency had given us a time window to expect the RA to arrive, and we were several weeks past it by late October. We both had grown really discouraged over it – but of course, there’s nothing you can do but keep waiting.

On that Sunday, I saw a Facebook post from a friend running the NY marathon who was fundraising for the Refuge for Women here in town, and I made a mental note to support her. I went to 608 (the evening service at Southland) that night before I wrote the check, and that happened to be a night Jon preached on giving, how God blesses you in ridiculous ways when you are generous with Him. I decided to double what I’d plan to send my friend, not as a bribe to God but to take Him up on that promise.

I mailed my check the next morning, Monday. On Wednesday of that same week, our agency called to tell us that our paperwork had arrived! They sent us a scanned copy and I about fell out of my chair when I saw the date stamp on the form: that exact Monday, processed exactly as I was cutting that check. Somehow, God got that paperwork signed, sealed, and delivered all the way around the globe and into my hands in 48 hours.

But He had another surprise waiting for us the next day, just in case we had any doubts that it was Him. On Thursday, we got another email from our agency letting us know that a mystery “surplus” had appeared in our account.  I assure you we never gave a dime more than what we were invoiced for. The surplus was more than ten times my gift to my friend!

It’s such fun to be His kid – He’s so unbelievably kind.

We are all God’s kids.  Help us be kind to the less fortunate.  Help us pay forward all the kindness that God has showered on us.

Help us in any way.  Whatever paying forward His kindness look like to you-  that means buying a coffee for a coworker, giving a granola bar to the homeless guy you see on the corner regularly, making a meal for a friend in need, or donating toward our goal of $1000 for one of our local homeless shelter.  Whatever it is, do it.  Spread the joy and love of God.  And if you have a story like Andrea’s I would love to hear it!  As she said it’s fun to be His kid, and it’s fun listening to testimonies about Him.

If you want to donate there are several methods of doing so.

  • If you do not care about a tax write off you can give Andrea or I money and we can take care of the donation for you.
  • You can click this link to donate online:
  • Or you can mail a check to this address:

Catholic Action Center
P.O. Box 324
Lexington, KY 40588

Just let me know by texting, calling, facebooking, commenting on this post, or emailing me at to let us know how much you gave or are intending to give.  We really want to see this organization that is doing so much good for the marginalized in our community be blessed.  So please, let us know.  Thanks for being a part of this team with us!


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