Saturday Sweat: Race Day & Fundraising Success

Today was Race Day!

I wasn’t going to, but the MC told me to… Pre-Race Selfy!

I wasn’t going to, but the MC told me to…
Pre-Race Selfy!


Woke up at 4:30 am and hit the road to Louisville.  Will had to work today so my parents took me and cheered me on.  The race was a total success!  My friend Andrea and I both set new personal bests!  But the real success was how much money God brought in for the Catholic Action Center!

We set out to raise $1000, and we raised $1100! 


It has been such a blessing to be able to be intentional with my life in that way; to be able to use my hobby for good.  It’s so exciting to watch God use the talents that He wired us with when we surrender them over to Him.  After this fundraising venture it has made  me want to do more.  I wish I could get a backer for every mile I run throughout the year.  So that every step would count for the greater good! So if you know anyone…. send them my way!

As for how I did personally in the race, really great!  I wasn’t expecting to PR today.  I wasn’t really training for speed, just for distance.  Last year when I ran the Derby half my time was 1:42:05.  I finished 689 overall, was the 143rd woman to finish, and 22nd in my division (20-24 year old females).   This year…..


My time was 1:35:52.  I finished 322nd overall out of 16,000 runners, that puts me in the top 2%.  Was the 55th woman to cross the finish line and came in 7th in my division!  That’s quite the improvement!  I wasn’t even trying to improve that much.


Last year Will told me to take it easy so that I would have room to improve.  And when I finished as good as I did he told me I didn’t listen.  This year when I told him my results he asked me how I felt about them, if I was proud of myself.  I just told him that I had 6 girls in my age group to catch up to.  lol.  My parents laughed and told him to get use to it.

All in all, today’s Saturday sweat was a complete success, and all the thanks goes to God, Will, and my parents.




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