It’s Only a Season

Do you ever have old truths hit you with new clarity?

This happened to me last night.  Will has been saying to me a lot recently “It’s only a season, Wifey.”  This is a fundamental principle of life that I know.  Heck, it’s probably something I have blogged about before in one way or another.

We all know that life has its rhythms, waves, patterns – seasons.  Right now we are in an unfamiliar new season and simultaneously surrounded by several people who are in particularly tumultuous seasons.  Last night, during my women’s Bible study I had one of those refreshed epiphany moments when the old truth sprouts new life.

You can’t have refreshed life and the eventual joy of harvest without the tempests and rainy seasons.

As the rain hit the windows, the lightning lit the sky, the thunder rumbled & shook, and the neighbor’s azaleas were in lush full bloom God brought those words of Will’s to my mind “It’s just a season.”  In the same way Spring is just a season.  There are tumultuous moments.  Moments when the rain doesn’t seem to stop whether it’s slow or pounding.  When you feel shaken by some thunderous event.

We all have these seasons…. I had just never thought of “Spring” in this way before.

April showers bring May flowers, but there are flowers in April too.   The reason we have such beautiful flowers and so much new life is the same reason that we have the storms – the climate is changing.  And the reason that the plants are strong and are able to survive the summer and make it to harvest are because of these storms that build that strength in from the get go.

You can’t have refreshed life and the eventual joy of harvest without the tempests and rainy seasons.

And perhaps the best part of the storms of spring is that in our weather-beaten moments God show’s up most vividly.  Both the storms and the bright new buds are striking displays of God’s glory.  The dark, lonely, scary, uneasy, and aggravating moments as well as the happy, refreshing, new, fulfilling, and exciting moments are full of striking displays of God that we would miss if it weren’t for the rainy seasons of life.

So here’s to the rainy seasons.  Here’s to soaking in the storms that are meant to strengthen us and watching for the striking displays of God in the midst of them

Any insights or lessons you have learned are welcome!


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