Time is the Most Precious Asset

Someday I want to be free.  Free to spend my time as I wish.  Currently, I suppose I get to “control” everything except for my 40 hour work week, but by the time you take out sleep (6-7 hours a day), various errands and other commitments (a pesky thesis for example…), I’m only left with a couple of hours of “free time” a week.


Wouldn’t life be so much richer if we could spend our time with family and friends we love or traveling around the world rather than using it to re-coop from our excessively busy lifestyles?  Thus, this corner of the blog is born.  Here I will be documenting thePomeroyLife’s pursuit of freedom.

We are after the freedom that affords us the ability to spend our time doing the most good with the resources we have been blessed with. This could be our time, money, or our talent.

Something that Devra and I have learned in our first couple of years of marriage is how important it is to have goals.  Goals, if shared, promote accountability and when you make goals public, the more accountability that you have.


Our goal is to reclaim our 8 hours a day back from “the man”, and somehow maximize the value of that time… we want it to look a little like this:

  • Invest time into our personal relationships with God
  • Invest time into our relationship with each other (date nights)
  • Invest time into our relationships with family and friends
  • Become financially free by generating as much passive income as possible
  • Live generously (with our time, money, and talents)

How do we get there?

First… work hard.  It doesn’t matter if you work for the man, for yourself, or are doing full time ministry.  We are to do all things as if it were to the Lord (Col 3:23).  As such, you should work hard.  If your work is not fulfilling, make it fulfilling.  More than likely you spend your 8 hours a day with co-workers, invest in their lives; lift their spirits.  Be a difference maker.

Second, save.  If you have debt, get rid of that cancer as soon as possible.  Wage war on debt and get rid of it.  If you can pay off your high interest debt, save as much as you can.  Discipline is important if you want to reach any goal.  Discipline is hard, by definition it means forcing something to happen.  Devra and I do not make a ton of money, but we are disciplined in how we use it.  Making a budget is only half the battle, and honestly it’s the easy part.

Third, make your money work for you.  Cultivate passive income through investments.  Investments do not always have to be stocks or mutual funds.  Sometimes it is an investment in something that saves you time, money, or enriches your life.  An example would be a car that gets better gas mileage or perhaps a grill that enables you to have cookouts with friends and family.

My dad taught me that money is only good for the memories it can buy.  I want to buy a lot of memories, some of them are memories others will enjoy and some are for us.

Please join us on this journey of becoming free!  I will do my best do keep you up to date with how we reclaim our time.


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