Coffee Filter Flower Bouquet

I really love flowers.  I wish that I had a constant supply of flowers to pick and arrange.  They just make a house so much cheerier.  But my yard is not a secret garden bursting (into life) with luscious blooms growing from and on everything. Nor do I have it in the budget to buy a bouquet on a weekly basis (although we plan to slowly build our indoor orchid garden).  My solution to the situation was to try my hand at some very simply coffee filter flowers that I have seen floating around pinterest.

Here is a picture of the ones I was trying to imitate:

These seemed attainable for me.

Here is how mine turned out:

so I made significantly fewer of them.  but I was taking it easy my first whack at this.

all done and arranged.

If you would have told me three years ago that I could make these I probably would not have believed you.  I have never, and still don’t consider myself to be a very crafty person.  I can think up cool things, but my mom was always the one who made them happen.  But when youmake everything yourself for your wedding and have a newlywed/graduate school student budget to use for decorating your house you start getting practice at being crafty.

So again, I am not a crafty person; I am just practicing at being crafty.

Here’s how I made these pretties.


First I looked at a lot of tutorials from pinterest.  I wanted to see as many ways to do this as possible and decide which ones I had the time for and which ones I thought I could actually pull off.  From there I figured out how I could make this work with things I had on hand.

What you need:

  • Coffee Filters  (I used about 50 which made 8 flowers)
  • Paint (I think that some Food Coloring or Dye would work great too)
  • Scissors
  • Staples
  • Tape
  • Containers for dying them in
  • A place to dry them
  1. In a container that is wide enough to dip your coffee filers in (mine were folded in half) mix water and paint till you reach your desired color.  I added some of the gold colored paint to the purple to give it a more natural, earthy tint.  For the brown I had initially tried tea, but it wasn’t dark enough.Coffee Filter Flowers (12)
  2. Dip your coffee filters in the paint and swish them a little to get them fully saturated. Ididabouthalfintherosecoloredmixtureandhalf in the brown (actually I saved a few fromthebrownhalf to be plain white, but I still got them wet in water to insure that they would have the same texture as the rest).Coffee Filter Flowers (14)
  3. After I had them all dipped, I took them outside and hung them on the clothes line to dry.Coffee Filter Flowers (15)Coffee Filter Flowers (16)
  4. Here’s the video tutorial that I followed to assemble the flowers. It’s from two shades of pink.   Two Shades of Pink’s Tutorial
  5. Once they are dry fold them in half and then in have again so you have a triangle.  Then trim the edges so that they have scalloped edges. This DOES NOT need to be perfect (which is why I can do it!)  I trimmed half to be nearly full size and trimmed about an inch off the other half.
  6. Once you have scalloped the edges stack three full sized ones and then put three smaller ones on top of them.
  7. From the bottom pinch them together in the center to form a nice gather.  Staple the gather to hold it in place.
  8. Using one hand to hold on to the pinched underside, use the other hand to go layer by layer crumpling, gathering, bunching, fluffing, puckering…. Whatever you need to do to arrange the “petals” how you want them.
  9. Once they look like flowers tape around the underside where you had been holding it to help hold the flower together.
  10. For mine I chose to hot glue twigs into the flowers to use as stems so that I could put them in this awesome glass jar…… that may or may not have come from one of our neighbor’s trash.Before they were trimmed and arranged
  11. Trim the stems and arrange just like you would real flowers and ta da!Here they are arranged and in our front room.  we have a twig decorating theme going if you cant tell.... but I love it!

    see they are so perfect!

And here are a bunch of pictures because I am really proud of how these turned out!

Coffee Filter Flowers (22)Coffee Filter Flowers (21)Coffee Filter Flowers (5)Coffee Filter Flowers (7)Coffee Filter Flowers (2)Coffee Filter Flowers (4)Coffee Filter Flowers (1)

What’s a project that you really want to try?


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