Swimming with the stingray in Grand Cayman on our honeymoon.

Life is an adventure. Every moment of it. This is the space for recording and sharing the many adventures of Will and Devra Pomeroy – big ones, small ones, and everything in between. =)

We are a young, newly married couple with a fairly unique story. I (Devra) am originally from Kansas, and Will is from Kentucky. We met in China at a leadership/cultural exchange camp.  After the trip we started talking, and one thing led to another.  Next thing I know a smart and charming Eli Manning (who I have always found attractive) was flying all the way to Kansas just to take me on a date! And watch the Superbowl together!

He is the BEST at making me laugh!

To put the icing on the proverbial cake that was our long distance relationship, I had to go back to China for the summer for an internship.  3 months in and I ditched him for the next 3.  We made it through with flying colors as it were.  Another semester later Will surprised me on Chinese New Year, made me a homemade dinner, got down on one knee, asked me to marry him, and then we watched the Giants win the conference championship!

A semester later, I graduated and moved to Kentucky.  Then in July we tied the knot!  So now to make our own story.  No more long distances to traverse or late night phone calls.  Us making our impact on the world together! so stay tuned!


Pinky Promise!

About me:

I like long talks, walks on the beach and romantic picnics at sunset.  Kidding!  I do like a good sunset though =).

If you were to follow me around the things you would notice are my inherent klutziness and innate ability to make a mess, usually of myself.  You would also notice that I function purely because of coffee till the clock strikes noon, that I enjoy exercising, I run (dangerous hobby for a klutz), I really like to cook and am a proficient baker (not a good combo with the messy thing).  I suppose you would also notice that I am a people person, and have a hunger for being busy.  I CAN NOT sit still…. never have been able to get that adult behavior down.

Also, I am a Christian.  I love Jesus and love His creation.  No, I am not a tree-hugger.  I went to a Christian college and have trotted the globe on mission trips since I was 13.

I love football.  Nothing is better on a tranquil fall afternoon that is colored gold from the hues of the leaves  with its crisp air and the warmth of a soft jacket than the crushing sounds of clashing pads and helmets reverberating off the gridiron.  I get feisty when I watch football.  I am really competitive, and a little violent.  Football is an active way to relax for the afternoon, it’s engaging, and anything can happen on any given Sunday.

One more semi-important thing- you probably would not make it through a day of stalking me without uncovering the fact that I am gluten intolerant.  So for all you other Gluten Free people out there, a lot of my recipes will be things that you can use!


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