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I like to see life in full color, everyday is an adventure. So here is where our rambles go. Our pictures. Our stories. Our major (and what I pretend are major) life events go. This is where the real story of how we are better together gets told =)

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A Big Announcement – Going Back to School

Many of you know this bit of news already, but I wanted to formally announce it all the same.

I am going back to school.

To become a registered dietitian.


Even before I graduated the first time around (in 2012 from Manhattan Christian College with a BS in Cross-Cultural Studies) Will started asking me if I would ever want to go back to school.  I always told him I didn’t know, that I hadn’t thought about it.  I didn’t think about it much till this spring.

I don’t know why our culture expects 17 year olds to know what they want to do for the rest of their lives.  Actually at that age I didn’t even know that I had a passion for nutrition.  Looking back I had generally been a pretty healthy eater.  I ate constantly thanks to soccer, but generally I made pretty decent choices.

When I was 19 I found out that I am gluten-intolerant.  It took a long time to get disciplined about avoiding it.  In college it was hard to learn how to fuel up for soccer without glutenous foods.  Now the interesting thing is figuring out other ways that gluten impacts me.  When it comes to your body – nutrition is connected to everything – emotions, mental clarity, hormones, energy, and of course risk factors for cancer, heart-disease, etc.

Out enjoying creation =)

Seeing how ingesting gluten effects various areas of my life, marrying a person who is interested in sustainable agriculture and passionate about gardening, doing ministry with the marginalizedwho have little access to nutritious food, and a general desire to have a healthy body that won’t hold me back from glorifying God in any part of life stirred a passion in me to go back to school for dietetics.

What I want to do is be knowledgeable about and licensed in what I am passionate about and so that God can best use that passion to help others.  I want to help people make healthy choices – to glorify God with their body, soul, and life.

What I don’t want to do is help people achieve a goal weight for the sake of having a more ideal body.  I do not want to become a food nazi.  I do not want to meticulously count calories and grams of this and that.  I do not want to stop eating sugar.  I want to help myself and others find balance in life.  Find discipline and the occasional splurge.  Find colorful vegetables that they like.  Find joy in cooking.  Enjoy eating out without over indulging.  And overall how to have and enjoy a healthy life, a life that is more full of color, flavor, walks in the crisp fall air at sunset, moments of play and laughter with family and friends.  I want people to be able to live lives where their bodies don’t hold them back from enjoying the glory of God and giving Him glory in return.

Now, confession, not only do I not always do the best with my own nutrition, but I  also have been in school for a few months…. Since March.  That’s why my blogging has gotten a bit sparse.  I started with an 8 week, accelerated pace Basic Personal Nutrition class and then over the summer an accelerated pace Biology course.  Now I am about to embark upon a long journey over the next school year.  I will be taking Anatomy & Physiology I and Chemistry I over the next four months, and taking Anatomy & Physiology II and Chemistry II over the spring semester.

books and backpack, ready for the first day and first homework date with Hubster of the semester.

remember the bookshelf I posted about a couple weeks ago?  I had to add a crate to accommodate my growing school library.

Once that is over I will have one more class to finish up my prerequisites.  At that point I will start working through my core degree classes.  That will take me another two years if I continue at this part time/school-on-the-side pace.   This is going to be a journey…

So what I am asking is that you come along with me on this journey, grace, support, learning as I learn, growing as I grow, and marveling at how God made food and our bodies to work together.

My family is super supportive of this venture of mine.

Izzy has an odd way of showing it... I guess she thinks she can teach me more than my text books can.


Two Years – Part 2 – Cotton Anniversary

Do you remember the jingle from back in the day “The look, the feel of Cotton.  The fabric of our lives.”?  I always think that the materials they assign to wedding anniversaries come from left field. Except that jingle helps cotton make a little sense.

cotton anniversary

Perhaps the thing about cotton that pertains to marriage the most is how woven into every part of our lives it is.  Only two years in and it’s already hard to remember our lives without the other person.  Our habits, mannerisms, idioms, even our personalities have changed, have been colored and strengthened by the other person.  It’s true that marriage is God’s main tool of sanctification – but that is what takes it from a fresh puff of cotton to a beautiful, storytelling piece of fabric.

Anniversaries are a moment to intentionally celebrate the story that God is telling with our lives.  This year we knew we would be celebrating the official start of our friends’ Jared and Ruthann’s story just a few days after our anniversary, so we opted to string our celebrating out into “Anniversary Week” (like how we celebrate Birthday Week) rather than go on a vacation to specifically celebrate it like we did last year.

We kicked it off with an awesome trip to the Newport Aquarium where we reminisced snorkeling and swimming with the stingrays on our honeymoon.

Newport Aquarium  Please notice the HUGE gator behind Will's head.

For our actual anniversary, I made gluten free lemon berry sweet rolls for breakfast that we ate while we read last year’s entry in our special anniversary journal, reminisced, and started this year’s.

Will had flowers, a card, and Reese’s waiting for me when I got home from work, and he had planned a picnic.   Chick-Fil-A at the pond at our church.  It was a perfect evening!  Both of us love being outside, so it was a perfect relaxing way to slow down in the middle of a couple crazy weeks.

On our Picnic.   I always try to wear white (my shirt was white) and wear my head band and shoes from our wedding.

Here are some of the presents we gave each other.  That journal in the top right - the pages are 100% cotton; that was Will being clever.

When we headed to Virginia Beach/Norfolk for our friends’ wedding we had planned to spend a little extra on hotels because it was still our anniversary week, and this was our vacation.  We got a hotel near the beach one night and hotel downtown on the bay the next.  Which meant we got to see the beach at sunrise and have some fun breakfast excursions.

the beach at Sunrise

best Gluten Free Waffle ever!   Check out Sunnyside Cafe if you're ever in VA Beach!

That is the USS Wisconsin.   There were all kinds of jellyfish in that water.

Will scored some crazy doughnuts in downtown Norfolk

Fancied up for the Rehearsal and the Wedding

On the way home, we arranged our flights so that we would have an 11 hour layover enabling us to go walk around in NYC.  I had never been to New York City before, and it has been a goal of ours to get there.  We want to go back for a weekend, but those 15 miles we walked and all that we did see was great!  The perfect adventure to end our second year and kick off our third year of the everyday adventures of marriage.

Grand Central Station ...where you can't store bags because of bombs.

Time Square

Central Park

these shoes have seen me through a lot of adventures in the last two years.  And they'll see me through even more as I follow Will wherever our adventures take us!