Everyday Adventures

I like to see life in full color, everyday is an adventure.

So here is where our rambles go. Our pictures. Our stories. Our major (and what I pretend are major) life events go. This is where the real story of how we are better together gets told =)

Putting our Wedding presents to good use =)
Roasting Marshmallows over the grill after dinner!!!!

Here are all the tales of my days and pictures of the exciting moments of everyday life.  I hope Enjoy.  Leave comments and follow us =):

just to give you an idea of how are skin looks (we aren't diseased I promise! ) and the cloud of colored corn starch you run through to get this way.

See that great smile!


Here she is.  The little hair dresser!  Every time I see her she instantly starts playing with my hair. We're pretty glamorous huh. lol.

Perk of Growing up- I can get close to the edge now!  Although, Will tries to tell me not to.

Will and Izzy Pup at the Arch/Waterfall =)

Here I am at 6:45am.  Chilled and waiting for my redbull to kick in. lol

Perfect day for a game!  Look at that beautiful field!

Please notice where Izzy is looking.  Evidently she knows what's up.

My Dad had already changed... what was he thinking lol.

Thai Vegetable Curry Ready to be eaten!

2012-12-10 09.31.40

so Blair had the magic touch with the piglet, and I... well I had some tasty jeans evidently.

Roasting marshmallows over the gas stove works really well, almost too well.... they catch on fire faster than Superman can run to the next town over.

Here we are, a house divided

Yep, like 5 days after the poisoned apples, this guy showed up by our back door.

Paul and Melanie seeing some Kentucky culture =)

I am officially, according to social security and the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Devra POMEROY!!!! Oh and I am officially a Kentucky resident.  =)

Will looking like a Walrus.lol.

Tying the Knot and Opening Boxes

I'm Not in Kansas Anymore

I'm Not in Kansas Anymore

I'm Not in Kansas Anymore

Catching Up and Counting Down


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