Gluten Free

 I wish that my body and gluten could be friends, but since they can’t….. 

Here are a few sites that I have found helpful for my gluten free diet.

(Please comment if you find something helpful, or if you have other helpful things because I am open to advice and good finds!)

  • This is a blog that has soooo many mouthwatering recipes, and lots of helpful tips.
  • The best pre-made breads that I have found are Rudi’s Udi’s, and one or the other is carried at most supermarkets.
  • Living Without– This is a magazine addressing living with food allergies, especially gluten.  There are a lot of articles and recipes, and it looks like something I want to be able to keep track of.
  • Pamela’s Products has the best mixes! You can order them in bulk off the internet or find them in your local grocery store.

Here Are some of My Gluten Free Baked goods:


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