Meet Will

Hello!  Thanks for stopping by the Pomeroy Life blog.  This blog was Devra’s idea, but she has asked me to contribute to the site, so upon time to time you may have the chance to read some of my musings.  I enjoy writing, but it is undertaking for me.  Words are powerful and they should be crafted with care, pair this with my introverted nature, where expressing myself is laborious and you can see why writing is difficult for me.  Nevertheless, I plan to write about several topics… finances, investing, gardening, and how each of those things impact The Pomeroy Life.

digging up potatoes from our garden.

A little bit more about me: I’m 27, currently finishing up graduate school while working for The Home Depot.   I love to solve problems and I love to learn about anything and everything.  I’m a discovery channel junky, huge baseball fan, farmer at heart, and an investor.  Oh, and I am an engineer… at least that’s the title my diploma grants me.  Really though, the degree taught me a new a way of thinking… it taught me how to problem solve.

I hope that you enjoy what I write, but I also hope you can learn from what I write.   I’d like this blog to document The Pomeroy Life throughout the years and decades to come, and maybe, just maybe the lessons we learn or wisdom we glean from others can help someone else along the way.

Thanks for stopping by!

By baseball fan he meant Cincinnati Reds fan.


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