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Happy Hour Friday – Will’s Office Reveal

You know Will, the Hubster, (if you don’t read about him here).  He’s a hard working guy, one of the most generous, selfless men that I have ever met.  Sure he’s particular and quirky, but he also has strong character and a higher perspective on life.  I could go on and on with the list of commendations, but that’s not what this post is about.

This post is about Will’s new office!  It was my surprise gift to him as a reward for all his hard work.

here is, hard at work in his new office.

We are only renting right now.  We have thought about buying a house, but the time just isn’t right.  Nor have we seen anything we’re crazy about.  Honestly, we like the idea of building a house… if you’re going to spend the money, get what you want, right?  All that rabbit trail was supposed to say is that our home isn’t really ours.  And honestly, sometimes it didn’t really feel like it was ours, hand-me-down, hodge podge little honeymooner bungalow that it is.  We put a fair bit of effort into it when we first moved in, but not much since then.

Before-ish:  Right after we replaced the bed with the futon

Before: Will's old, squeaky twin bed.   It "doubled" as a couch/Izzy's perch while Will was on the Computer

Before - The desk that was left here

Now, 2 years later, I decided that it was time to give Hubster his own space.  A room that reflected him, where he could work and relax.  You know that feeling when you have a space, and it just feels like it has your DNA woven into it?  That’s what I wanted for him.  He deserves it.

Now, if you have read any of Will’s posts about budgeting then you probably are wondering how I did this as a surprise.  Well, when we bought the futon a few weeks prior Will told me he was fine with using some of our savings for putting a little effort into our home (furniture & décor) to begin investing in things that we like, we want, and we will keep with us.  So…. I took that as permission to redo his office.

My original intention was to post tutorials on all the little DIY elements first, BUT I just can’t wait any longer to share this office with the world!   I have already waited a month.  But you can find tutorials on the bookshelf, the Marquee Letter, and the curtains on the projects page. =)

For Will’s office I really wanted something baseball themed because he has a lot of Cincinnati Reds/baseball paraphernalia (there’s still more that isn’t being used yet).  The problem with a baseball theme is that I didn’t want it to seem like a little boy’s room or some meat-head baseball jock room (nothing against jocks – I still am one).  I did a lot of thinking, happened to receive two pallets from my neighbors, and saw this coffee bar on a blog I follow.   Those things all got the wheels spinning and brought me to envisioning this room.

Emma letting out her inner hoodlum, and spray painting the heck out of random odds and ends I collected.

Will's Office  (6)

the painting process.  and yes we had to leave everything in there so he wouldn't see it in the morning when he stopped by the house.

I can’t take all the credit by any means!  I had a ton of help from my sister, my little sister Carrieli, and my good friend Emma.  Without them I would still be working on this room, and probably have had about 7 mental breakdowns.

The other confession I have is that I did have to kick Will out of the house for a night… and I still didn’t quite finish even with Emma being over till am, so he had to finish building his own desk…. BUT it got done! AND HE LOVES IT!

Replaced the bookshelf and made this cool wall display:

the bookshelf is made from crates that I got with coupons from Michael's, and the Chain link on the wall is from a coworker.  It was rusty so Emma spray painted it with Chrome Rustoleum Spray Paint.

Recovered the futon to go with the new room and because Izzy was getting the black too dirty.

I recovered the futon with a massive drop cloth.  It matches the curtains.

made new curtains that stick with the new brighter colors in here to play up the natural lighting that pours into this room.  Also made them floor to ceiling to help the room feel bigger.

there are the curtains =)

Here’s the redone filing cabinet that I added because I knew he really wanted one and before he was using milk crates to house our papers.

Emma did excellent work on this piece! Look how shiny those chrome drawers are@

I actually got this little gem for free from someone who had extra.  It was originally a weird grey color, but I wanted to use it to contribute to the scheme of the room and be another pop of color, so Emma painted it for me while I painted the walls.

Some other items from around the room:

that was originally a cheapo, black plastic organizer.  Awe the magic of Chrome Spray Paint.

the Bobble heads, UK newspaper clipping, and our mini Louisville sluggers =)

Some pictures from his old room before we got married and the collages of all of our baseball adventures so far that I made him for his birthday.

And finally, the desk!

These next few are of the desk.  The pallets were free, the ductile iron plumbing pipe leg was expensive, and the desk top boards were pretty cheap!

Dara and I came up with the design for the Desk, and Will made it work.

it's the details that matter.  we put little boards in the pallet to create a recessed shelf for office supplies.

would you believe the desk top and the pallets are stained with the same stain?!


Happy Hour Friday – Will’s Birthday

It’s Friday!  And it’s finally a Happy Hour Friday again!  I have been very sporadic with my blogging lately, but here’s a twist – I am actually happy about that!  Not because I am noncommittal or because I don’t enjoy blogging anymore.  I am committed, and I do enjoy it!  (I don’t enjoy that eating apples at my desk has left some sticky residue under the “J” key making it stick every time….)

I am happy because life is a whirlwind, but it’s full of kodack moments, big laughs, bigger hugs, growing pains, happy accidents, and so many more everyday adventures.

Lately, Will and I haven’t had to look too hard to see them.  Especially since it’s Will’s birthday month!  I say birthday month, because I didn’t know whether or not birthday week is the 7 days leading up to a person’s birthday, or the calendar week of some one’s birthday.  So since Will’s birthday was on Monday the 7th he got the first week of April leading up to his birthday and the week after it. that’s two weeks of celebrating him, which he is definitely worthy of =).  The reason we’re stretching it to birthday month though is because we will celebrate again with my parents when they come in town for Easter!  The good times keep on coming!

I thought about posting yet another blog about how great I think my husband is, but why be redundant? Obviously I think that he is great or I wouldn’t have married him. Crazy, I know.  So instead I will just fill you in on some of our adventures in celebrating his birthday.  And if you want to know what to look for in a man then click on the links to some of my previous posts about Will at the bottom of the page.

Our birthday festivities kicked off with a trip up to Cincinnati to see the Reds’ Opening Night game.  There was a 3 hour rain delay… but luckily my boss had given us tickets to seats that had access to an indoor area so we were able to stay warm and dry!

So excited to go to his first game of the season!

So excited to go to his first game of the season!

at the game!

at the game!

3 hour rain delay

3 hour rain delay

Great American Ball Park

Great American Ball Park


Will loves the Reds!  As you may recall from a previous Manly Date Night post, baseball is his favorite sport.  One of my favorite ways to spend time with him is going to a baseball game (because I find it much more interesting in person).  Since baseball is such a huge part of our relationship with so many memories and jokes attached to it, I made Will some framed collages of our baseball adventures together since over the last 3 years.


the collages

the collages


Will’s Grandma’s birthday is the day after his, so the fam jam came down to our house to celebrate both Will and Gram.  AND since UK was playing in the Final Four that night, we had a UK themed birthday party/watch party.

Will's Birthday Week

The Birthday People!

The Birthday People!

Gram had a good birthday week too!

Gram had a good birthday week too!

We had PF Chang's Lettuce wraps per Wills request.

We had PF Chang’s Lettuce wraps per Wills request.

Will's Birthday Week


For our personal celebration, I invited Will out for a Manly Date Night.  Actually I invited him on 4 and let him choose.  The one he picked was the “Space Jam” themed Manly Date Night; that was the sci-fi date night.  We went to dinner at The Pub (that doesn’t really have anything to do with sci-fi…. except I feel like anything titled “Bangers & Mash” ought to qualify lol).  The sci-fi portion was indulging in some “Ice Cream of the Future” and going to see Divergent.


Sci-Fi Ice Cream

Sci-Fi Ice Cream

Fish and Chips and London Broil! Birthday meal at The Pub

Fish and Chips and London Broil! Birthday meal at The Pub

Saw this awesome, and ironic site on our date! lol.

Saw this awesome, and ironic site on our date! lol.

Who knows what kind of everyday adventures this next week will bring?!  I am sure it will be full of them!

Posts About Will’s Awesomeness:

The Pomeroy Life – Redford Style

This past weekend my fam jam came to town!  That was wonderful!  I really enjoy getting to see my family.  I am especially glad that I got to see my sister for a couple of days since I hadn’t seen her since Christmas and probably wouldn’t see her until Christmas again. Family is really important.  While I don’t always do the best job of showing my family how important they are to me, they do an amazing job of showing Will and I how important we are to them.

At the Red's game!  Will and Pops both love baseball.

At the Red’s game! Will and Pops both love baseball.
Mom missed the memo evidently.
I do think it’s appropriate that the Redfords are in red….. oh wait…. I’m a Pomeroy.

It was a fun weekend! Plenty of memories made!  Like making friends with Jao, one the Vietnamese people who did Mom, Dara, and I’s nails. Or getting roasted at the Red’s game, or baking with my sister and cooking with my mom. Blackberry picking with my mom.  Or some time with just the pops and Will in the morning before anyone else was up. Or constantly stopping Dara from feeding Izzy half of whatever she had in her hands. Lol.

cinnamon roll pancakes.  Will's favorite.

cinnamon roll pancakes. Will’s favorite.

Homemade Blackberry Syrup =)

Homemade Blackberry Syrup =)

For any of you who like Downton Abbey; you will appreciate this.  We watched the episode in season two when Downton is also a convalescent home for the wounded officers and Lady Grantham and the rest of the family have their panties in a twist because they have to share their sitting rooms.  It was rather an appropriate episode to watch, as you will see why by the picture below.  As we were all 5 trying to use our teeny bathroom to get ready for bed in and nearly tackling each other every 30 seconds in the “hallway,” I remarked “You know, I would really like to see the Crowleys try to survive this situation!”  Everyone laughed.  It was close quarters, but Will and I really enjoy being able to host people and make them feel welcome.

this was Will and I's make shift bed.   moms & pops got our bedroom, and Dara got the spare room.  The two of us shared sofa city with Izzy Pup.

this was Will and I’s make shift bed. moms & pops got our bedroom, and Dara got the spare room. The two of us shared sofa city with Izzy Pup.

Like I said, it was a great weekend.   I think I am most glad that I got to spend some time with the pops near his birthday.  A) I had some redeeming to do since last year my dad had to give me away to Will two days after his birthday.  B) Since moving to Kentucky last summer that is something I have missed a lot of, and birthdays are important in my family.  Not in the since that we shower a person with presents, but in the sense that we spend the whole day (usually the whole week) eating foods they like, doing the things they enjoy, and always have an awesome birthday cake!

Happy Birthday Dad!   We don't have much in the way of cake decorating supplies in our house. not even candles, but that's ok.  I just told my dad he was too old to be able to blow them all out anyway, so rather than risk burning the house down we chose to forgo them. lol!

Happy Birthday Dad!
We don’t have much in the way of cake decorating supplies in our house.
not even candles, but that’s ok. I just told my dad he was too old to be able to blow them all out anyway, so rather than risk burning the house down we chose to forgo them. lol!

It’s hard to make someone feel like you are glad that they are around when you are not around them.  But it is a new goal of mine to become better at showing other people that I value them.  I really do love my family.  I am sure moving to Kentucky doesn’t always make it seem like that is the case, but I am determined to be more creative and find better ways to show them (even from afar) that I love and value them.  I just need to re-sharpen my skills; they have rusted a bit since mine and Will’s long distance dating days.

Those skills are worth developing.  Making someone feel valued, giving someone confidence in your friendship- those things can change a person’s day, week, month, year, and even life.   It is possible to be someone’s sunshine on a rainy day, and it’s possible to be someone’s sunflower when they are shining. May family has been both to me.  They have always picked me up from gray days, and, more times than I can count, they have blossomed in front of me encouraging me to keep on shining.

I want to be reliable to be that to other people.  That isn’t just being a good friend or family member.  That is being like Jesus.

Till I see them again,


Ps… Speaking of sunflowers, my little pieces of Kansas are about to bloom!


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