Welcome to Will’s section of the blog!  Devra and I (Will) debated on creating a second blog for me, but it made more sense to use the same audience instead of starting over.

I have a confession.  I enjoy to shop – but not in the conventional meaning of the word.  Going to stores is painful… I enjoy hunting for deals online from the comfort of my own home, they even bring what I buy to me!  The frustrating part is that I don’t have the money to buy hardly any of the deals I find.   Thus, this blog is born!  I intend to use it as a resource to share what I believe to be “steals” on the web.

In addition to deals, I also do a lot of online-banking/investing.  I will be using this blog as an outlet to discuss various strategies I have incorporated into our finances.

One other thing I’d like to mention before I get into the meat of the posts.  I welcome feedback!  Leave a comment letting me know what you think.

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2 responses to “Saving$

  1. YAAAAY!!!!! I am so excited for this!: )

  2. Online shopping ideas yah! I didn’t know about this side of you Will.

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